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Why customers choose Samba:





Insurance Coverage


We prioritize the security of your vehicle. Our commitment to vehicle safety is demonstrated by our full coverage policy, which guarantees total insurance for your vehicle from pick up to delivery

Zero Upfront Payment


Book your car shipment with peace of mind. $0 to book.

24/7 Customer Support


We prioritize your needs by offering 24/7 customer support to ensure timely assistance and satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals are available around the clock to address any concerns or inquiries you may have.

5 Star Rating

5 Star Reviews


We take pride in consistently receiving 5-star ratings from our valued customers. We continuously strive to improve and maintain our high standards in order to exceed customer expectations.

Carrier Network


We provide nationwide car transport with our network of 15,000 + carriers. Each carrier in our network are licensed & insured to providing safe & reliable auto transport.

Experienced Advisors


Our experienced car shipping specialists & customer service team are passionate to find the best solutions for your auto transport needs. Our team is here to guide you through the whole process.

Miami Car Shipping:


Samba Auto Transport is your one-stop solution for all your car shipping needs. We have been shipping thousands of vehicles to and from Miami for years. Whether you are a snowbird, buying a car from out of state, or simply need your vehicle transported, our team of professionals are committed to providing you the best solution for your car shipping needs

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Ship your vehicle to/from Miami in 3 simple steps:

Get a quote and book your order:


Get a car shipping quote on our website or by calling (800) 492-6441. We will need to know the year/make/model, pick up/delivery zip code, shipment date, and shipment method (Open or Enclosed).

We assign a truck to pick up your vehicle:


After you have booked your order, we will assign a truck to pick up your vehicle. Once your order has been assigned to a truck, a downpayment will be due to reserve your spot on the truck. The trucker will contact you to coordinate the pick up time frame. Upon arrival, the trucker will do a vehicle inspection and safely load your vehicle.

Receive The Vehicle At Your Destination:


The trucker will once again contact you to coordinate the delivery time frame. Once the trucker arrives to your destination, another vehicle inspection will be done to verify your vehicle arrived in the same condition it was picked up from. The remaining balance will be due to the trucker on delivery.

Request a quote or call (800) 492-6441



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Transport Method

5 Interesting facts about Miami:


1.  Miami is surrounded by 2 national parks.

2.  Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world.

3.  Many of Miami’s Beach was man made in the early 1900.

4.  It has only snowed once in Miami, that was in 1977.

5.  Miami has the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the US.

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